Hiking and kayaking trips

Being on an expedition cruise has the advantage that you can come to many places that are otherwise inaccesible, but you are only a visitor. By hiking or kayaking for a longer time through the area you are really part of nature, which increases the experience. However, for hiking in these conditions you need quite a lot of experience with the area, hiking in the mountains and in dealing with Polar Bears. As many people don’t have this experience, tour operators offer hiking and kayaking trips. This way you can use their experience and still have a nice active holiday on Spitsbergen.

A spectacular basecamp

Different tour operators offer different ways of hiking/kayaking trips. Some have made a base-camp somewhere, where you can sleep. From these camps you can make day trips and explore the are with a guide. This way you can see a lot of the area, without having to bother with walking with large backpacks. The base camps differ from a building (like Isfjord Radio on Kapp Linné), to some tents put together. There are even plans to erect a cabin for this purpose.
The other option is a trekking where you carry all your equipement on your back. This way you can cover a larger area, but you have to be prepared to walk with large backpacks.

Hiking on the tundra

There are several tour operators that offer hiking or kayaking trips. These trips are open to everybody who is fit enough. In most cases you will be dropped of by a boat, most of the time in Isfjord but sometimes in more remote parts like Prins Karls Forland or Kungsfjord. These trips have a more or less fixed itinerary (as far as that is possible for a trip like that on Spitsbergen).

Some tour operators also make tailor made trips, where a specific trip can be arranged and you get a guide that accompanies you on your trip.

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